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Hives Rash

Hives Rash

Hives Rash

Hives Rash

Hives Rash



Hives rash, or urticaria, can appear anywhere on the body. It is a common vascular skin reaction characterized by elevated skin swelling surrounded by a halo and accompanied by severe itching or a stinging sensation.
Although hives and rash are sometimes used to describe the same condition, a hives rash is much different than a regular skin rash. Hives will appear from under the skin causing an elevated swelling, whereas a skin rash sits on top of the skin (such as poison ivy). The following hives rash pictures will help you to identify a hives condition.

   hives rash on female back  hives rash on male buttocks  hives rash on male back

   hives rash on male stomach             hives rash on male side

   hives rash on male child face  hives rash on throat  hives rash on female child face

   hives rash on arm  hives rash on thigh  hives rash on baby


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